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.: November 2, 2019 :.

Carter, Daniels secure titles as FMS finishes season

Brandon Carter and Eddie Daniels clinched the final two class championships at stake Saturday night when Fayetteville Motor Speedway concluded its 51st consecutive season of operation. (Hunter Thomas photo)

Carter locked up the Renegades crown with a sixth-place finish. Rick Razillard led the procession to the checkered flag ahead of Martin Sweatt and Jimmy Capps. 

Scott Neighbors was first across the finish line in the Legends feature ahead of his older brother, Tim, and Daniels placed third.

Late Model track champion Shaun Harrell closed out the season with a wire-to-wire victory over Willie Milliken and Michael Mason. Joseph Sanoske won the Stingerz main event, and Ron Pope was victorious in the Sportsman ranks.

The other 2019 track champions are: John Marshall (Diet Mountain Dew Modified); Benji Thompson (Sportsman); Jerry Dove (SportModz), Kyle Jenks (Stingerz); and Jason Horne (Super Stock 4).

1. Shaun Harrell, 2. Willie Milliken, 3. Michael Mason, 4. Billy Tucker, 5. Clint Hodges, 6. Kelly Miller, 7. Woody Cromartie, 8. Jimmy Ray, 9. Mike Evock

1. Scott Neighbors, 2. Tim Neighbors, 3. Eddie Daniels, 4. Ryan Shabram, 5. Tristen Stephenson, 6. Billy Gomez, 7. Devin Kelly, 8. Thomas Williams, 9. Joshua Sanoske, 10. Ronnie Long

1. Ron Pope, 2. Chris Powers, 3. David Raoyl, 4. Chris Radford, 5. Benji Thompson, 6. Jonathan Hardee, 7. Scott Patterson, 8. Brandon Marshall, 9. Justin Patterson. 10. Jerry Johnson

11. Cameron Norris IV, 12. Johnny Moore, 13. Buddy Whittington

1. Rick Razillard, 2. Martin Sweatt, 3. Jimmy Capps, 4. Chandler Fowler, 5. Devin Williamson, 6. Brandon Carter, 7. Kevin Raynor, 8. John Dyson, 9. Michael Butler, 10. Dustin Watkins

11. Tom Lovett, 12. Joey Wilks, 13. Kevin Williamson, 14. James Gardner

1. Joseph Sansoke, 2. Kyle Jenks, 3. Julio Cifuentes Jr., 4. Daniel Stephenson, 5. Tonya Jordan, 6. Troy Hill, 7. Eddie McNama, 8. Abe Woodard, 9. Shannon Weaver