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.: October 26, 2019 :.

Marshall captures $3,000 Modified special

Third-starting John Marshall quickly made his way to the front and stayed there to win the $3,000 top prize in the Ennis Brewer Retirement Race for the Diet Mountain Dew Modified class at Fayetteville Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Marshall led most of the laps to collect the season's biggest purse for the division, which honored a longtime Modified competitor. Christian Thomas came from the 18th starting spot to claim second, and polesitter Wayne Gray Jr. came home third.

Rick Razillard earned $500 for winning the Renegades feature, while runner-up Brandon Carter finished with 592 points to top Martin Sweatt for the six-race Renegades Blitz title.

James Hissom outran Joseph Sanoske and Shannon Weaver to take the $500-to-win Stingerz special.

Christian Thomas outgunned Brian Strickland and Shaun Harrell to capture the Late Model feature.

Case Daniels (SportModz) and Ron Pope (Sportsman) were the night's other winners.


1. John Marshall, 2. Christian Thomas, 3. Gray Jr., 4. Roger Lucas, 5. Eddie Bullard, 6. Dennis Brewer, 7. Mike Manes, 8. Randy Lucas, 9. Jake Gibbons, 10. Tyler Kussman

11. Mark Prince, 12. Steve Strickland, 13. Carlos Jaramillo, 14. Daniel Parker, 15. Robbie Turner

1. Christian Thomas, 2. Brian Strickland, 3. Shaun Harrell, 4. Chris Kelly, 5. Kerry King, 6. Kelly Miller, 7. David Baker, 8. Michael Mason, 9. Woody Cromartie

1. Rick Razilard, 2. Brandon Carter, 3. Case Daniels, 4. Martin Sweatt, 5. Elvin Matthews, 6. Jimmy Capps, 7. James Gardner, 8. Donald Bruce, 9. Devin Williamson, 10. Chandler Fowler

1. Case Daniels, 2. AJ Belanger, 3. Greg Cain, 4. Josh Fields, 5. Jason Floyd, 6. Willie Robison

1. Ron Pope, 2. David Royal, 3. Benji Thompson, 4. Chris Powers, 5. Scott Patterson, 6. Doug Penny, 7. Buddy Whittington, 8. Walt Gibson, 9. Brandon Marshall, 10. Jonathan Hardee, 11. Cameron Morris IV, 12. Cy Nelms Jr.

1. James Hissom, 2. Joseph Sanoske, 3. Shannon Weaver, 4. Derek Kemper, 5. Kyle Jenks, 6. Julio Cifuentes Jr., 7. Daniel Stephenson, 8. Tonya Jordan, 9. Troy Hill, 10. Don Manley

11. Joey Wilks, 12. Jaden Locklear, 13. Abe Woodard